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  1. How long it takes to delivery?

Depends on your location. Mostly we delivery within 4 to 6 hours.

  1. How can I order medicine?

You can order through your web or app (download). You can upload prescription, browse and add to cart, you can call or message (messenger, WhatsApp, sms).

  1. What will after I place an order?

In a short period of time, we will call you to reconfirm your medicines and address, also we will let you know around what time you going to get the delivery.

  1. How much is the minimum order and why is that?

Minimum order 300tk, it’s not worthy enough both for you and us below 300 tk.

  1. Why your medicine price showing “0” “Zero” in list

Its means we don’t have this medicine now.

  1. Which area do you cover to delivery?

Dhaka city only for the time being

  1. What about other district delivery?

We do currier on basis of emergency or how much you need. On that case, you have to pay upfront via mobile banking (Robi, nogod, Bkash). Y

  1. How you guarantee you medicine quality?

    • We purchase all our medicine direct from pharmaceutical, so no fake medicine.

    • We make sure the medicine stored in dry and correct temperate.

    • We do have routine check of expire date, also we do double check before dispatch the medicines.

  1. What I will do if need urgent medicine in short time?

Please call or chat with us. We do give urgent order in very short time.

  1. What about refund medicine?

Please have look our refund policy.